Cloud and Education: High-end IT Vocational Education Brand of Cloud and Data Group
  • Huawei Authorized Training Center
  • Tencent Cloud Level 1 Certification Training Center
  • Baidu Marketing University Henan-Shenzhen-Shenzhen Authorized Operation Center
  • Oracle Oracle OAEP Center
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Cloud Partner
  • Unity Strategic Partner
  • PwC Basic Software Strategic Partner
  • Dancheng Cape Investment, a subsidiary of New Cape (stock code 300248)
  • Ruiqi Capital Investment, a subsidiary of China's top 100 Internet companies, Ruiqi

Why learn e-commerce design

  • Look at talent needs

    The demand for talents exceeds 89,750 jobs per day . At present, the talent gap of e-commerce design engineers reaches 50w +. With the development of Internet +, the UI talent gap is expected to exceed 200w.

  • Look at industry salary

    Zhilian recruitment data show that the average salary of e-commerce designers is as high as 12,000 yuan, of which more than 50% of employees have a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan, and the real gold-collar occupation is 20% higher than other industries in the same level.

You can challenge the monthly salary of 8500+ by teaching design skills

  • E-commerce web design
    1. Make advertising pictures for Taobao / Tmall
    2. Master the production and skills of detail pages to increase product sales
  • E-commerce hand drawn design
    1.Familiar with hand-drawn style
    2. Make hand-drawn style e-commerce feature pages and Banner
  • E-commerce 3D design
    1.Familiar with C4D 3D software according to design trends
    2. Make 3D E-commerce Feature Pages and Banners
  • Implementation of the entire station page
    Master the basics of DIV + CSS in HTML, clear the design effect that code can achieve, and better implement product functions

8 classic design software to help you easily transform UI designers

Whether it ’s an online shop artist, a UI designer, or a graphic designer, you must be proficient in using design software, master 8 classic design software in 5 months, and become an all-round designer

Image editing and compositing


Vector graphics and illustration design

After Effects

Film visual and dynamic effects design


Web front-end design


Product prototype diagram interaction design

Ink knife

Product prototype drawing design


Visual and dynamic effects design


Web front-end design

Six advantages of cloud and data to help you get paid

  • 四大分中心,24000平八大泛IT职业教育基地,每年毕业学员超过5000人 The regional scale is larger. There are four branch centers, 24,000 square meters, eight pan-IT vocational education bases, and more than 5,000 graduates each year.
  • 整合百度、华为、腾讯、微软等国际一线企业原厂资源,课程更新频率快 The first-line original factory resources integrate the original factory resources of Baidu, Huawei, Tencent, Microsoft and other international first-tier companies, and the course is updated frequently
  • 六位一体教学模式2.0时代,“X+12”教学资源辅助,升职加薪无忧 Better learning six-in-one teaching model 2.0 era, "X + 12" teaching resources assisted, no worry about promotion and salary increase
  • 全国八大就业基地,完整的职业素质培养体系,专职专业的就业团队,名企直招助力高薪就业 Better employment Eight national employment bases, complete professional quality training system, full-time professional employment team, well-known enterprises directly recruit high-paying employment
  • 拥有全职讲师50余名,引入美国思科、苹果、Facebook等一线技术专家,了解最前沿的IT技术 The first-line international famous teachers have more than 50 full-time lecturers. They have introduced first-line technical experts from Cisco, Apple, Facebook, etc. to understand the most advanced IT technology
  • 云和卓越工程师计划,毕业后可获得技能证书+211大学本科学历证书 Skill + Education Double Certificate Cloud and Engineer Excellence Program, you can get Skill Certificate + 211 University Degree Certificate after graduation

Cloud and data are different

  • IT教育领域经验沉淀行业标杆 6 years of IT education experience sets industry benchmark
  • 自主编撰教材 More than 40 independently compiled textbooks
  • 毕业学员检验教学 50000+ graduate students inspection teaching
  • 学员来自老学员推荐 60 % of students are recommended by old students
  • 学员平均就业率 98 % student average employment rate

First-line original resources

Integrate original factory resources of Baidu, Huawei, Tencent and Microsoft
  • Tencent Cloud Level 1 Certification Training Center
    May 2018
  • Authorized by Huawei
    December 2017
  • CLP & Huahua Cooperation signing contract
    January 2015
  • Signed a contract with Baidu Marketing University
    June 2014
  • Signing a contract with Unity
    April 2014
  • Signing a contract with Microsoft
    March 2014
  • Contract with Oracle
    October 2013

Graduate monthly salary 8500+ How do we do it

  • 严格管理时间 1 strict management of time
    Classes are scheduled at 8:30 every day, and the task is completed at 17:30 in the afternoon
    Late self-study time (6: 30-9: 00)
    Full face-to-face tutoring to solve learning problems in a timely manner
    Participants did not attend school on time without reason, absent from school for 3 consecutive times
  • 全面辅导第一时间解决学习问题 2 Comprehensive tutoring to solve learning problems at the first time
    Follow-up coaching, solve student problems one-on-one
    Student feedback issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner
    Technical experts + lecturers clear all learning barriers
  • 教学总监严格把关 3 the teaching director strictly checks
    Periodic periodic test correction papers + reviews
    Strictly check if the test fails
    Customized study plan for students
  • 打开通往名企的大门 4 open the door to famous companies
    Cultivate creative thinking
    Develop good habits
    Master the right learning methods

First-line technology big coffee speaker

美国思科(CISCO) UX/UI 设计经理国际精英讲师 Stan Chen Elite Lecturer, UX / UI Design Manager, Cisco, USA

Graduated from the University of the Arts in San Francisco with a master's degree. Currently, he is the manager of the (CISCO) UX / UI design department of Cisco Group, a leading global network solutions provider, responsible for user experience design and related UI design of Cisco's latest Saas product line. UX / UI design manager of Cisco Group, formerly served as UX / UI designer of Apple Inc., UX / UI designer of Intellipro Group Inc, product manager of Tuibo Inc, and senior designer of UX / UI of Baidu.

技术总监电商金牌讲师 Ke Teacher Technical Director E-Commerce Gold Lecturer

9 years of design work experience, adhere to the design front, 3 years of experience as a design director, 1 year of experience as a product manager, 2 years of work as the leader of the teaching team of Yun and Ui, to understand the domestic design trends and design improvement methods. He is proficient in Internet technologies such as PS image synthesis skills, WEB design, B / S software design, and HTML5 front-end interaction design. He is passionate about product design, keen to study APP product design, development process, interaction design, and focuses on user experience design research.

技术总监电商金牌讲师 Mr. An Technical Director of E-commerce Gold Lecturer

7 years of design work experience, senior visual designer, has rich design experience and online works, design styles follow the latest trends, and rich user experience. Can quickly and comprehensively understand the latest design styles, and pay attention to visual impact in design, design styles are changeable. Intensive research in real estate website, flat design and micro website. In design, we have our own unique ideas and insights. The teaching style is relaxed and lively. While cultivating UI design, it will also improve students' vision and design ideas.

电商金牌讲师 Mr. Feng E-commerce Gold Lecturer

Has 7 years of design work experience, accumulated a lot of design experience during the work, good at product promotion design, game thematic design, real estate advertising design, portal design, mobile interface collection, etc .; in the years of communication with many customers, I gradually understand: The essence of design is sales. A good designer is to help customers sell products. Full of confidence in the design industry, optimistic and progressive, and always maintain the passion of creation. Strong self-learning ability, a lot of exercises and supplementary knowledge in spare time.

电商金牌讲师 Gold teacher e-commerce gold lecturer

Has 10 years of design work experience, more than 6 years of UI teaching experience, engaged in graphic design work and design training for many years, undertook the graphic design work of the college and participate in website page design. Proficient in graphic design software such as PHOTOSHOP \ AI \ CORELDRAW, and good at using the design experience that everyone is familiar with in life as a carrier, to show abstract theoretical knowledge to learners in a practical way, easy to understand, easy to grasp Essentials of required software knowledge are loved by the majority of students.

Student works

  • E-commerce Feature Page
  • E-commerce Banner
  • Graphic design
  • C4D
  • UI interface

Cloud and data give you better learning and better employment

Cloud and data
除面授课程外,整合来自苹果、Google、Facebook、Cisco的国际师资现场连线授课 Multi-mode teaching In addition to face-to-face courses, integration of international teachers from Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco on-site online lectures
每班不超过40人,讲师因材施教,一对一辅导 Small class teaching no more than 40 people per class, lecturers teach according to their aptitude, one-on-one tutoring
专职专业的就业团队提供终身制就业服务,随时保驾护航 Employment services are improved. Full-time professional employment teams provide life-long employment services to escort at any time.
5-6个月脱产线下学习保障高薪就业,12个月在线学习保障在职加薪 X + 12 one-stop vocational education system 5-6 months off-line learning guarantees high-paying employment, 12 months online learning guarantees on-the-job pay increase
每2月一次课程大纲更新,每6月一次大更新迭代,完美匹配企业刚需 Courses are updated in real time. Course outlines are updated every February and a major update iteration every June.
参加卓越工程师计划,毕业即可获得技能证书+211大学本科学历证书 Qualification + Double Certificate of Skills Participate in the Outstanding Engineer Program, and you can get the Skill Certificate + 211 University Degree Certificate after graduation
other organisations
采用单一的面授课堂或直接视频授课 Single mode uses a single face-to-face or direct video lecture
班级人数太对,老师无法兼顾,学员很难学到真正的技术 There are too many classes in the big class , the teacher cannot take care of them, and it is difficult for the students to learn the real skills.
只管教学,不管就业,就业毫无保障 There is no employment guarantee. Only teaching, regardless of employment, employment is not guaranteed.
课程不深入一味填鸭式教学,学员毕业后就不再管,不利于长远发展 The duck-feeding course is not in-depth, and the students will no longer manage it after graduation, which is not conducive to long-term development.
课程更新慢或完全不更新,跟不上新技术,学员无法满足企业需求 Courses are invariant Courses are updated slowly or not at all, and they cannot keep up with new technologies, and students cannot meet corporate needs
只有技能培训,无法提升学历 The single skill certificate only has skills training and cannot improve academic qualifications

Complete, systematic and comprehensive training to ensure high-paying employment

  • Statistical Intent for Admissions
  • Foundation week study
  • Choose the profession that suits you
  • Formal study
  • Face-to-face learning
  • Practical project exercises
  • Graduation project production evaluation
  • Quality Professional Training
  • Improve your resume
  • Interview guidance
  • Mock interview
  • Recommended employment
  • Formal interview
  • Interview passed interview failed
  • Employment Service Center
  • Second employment guidance
  • Interview passed
  • Smooth employment
  • Work instruction
  • Smooth promotion

Student Employment Salary

  • 2018年毕业学员 5,262 students graduated in 2018
  • 就业学员 5,157 employed students
  • 最高月薪 17000 + maximum monthly salary
  • 平均就业薪资 8500 + average employment salary
  • 月薪17000+五险一金 入职企业:浙江**技术 学历:专科 Sun * Ping monthly salary of 17000 + five insurances and one fundEmployees : Zhejiang ** Technical education: College
  • 月薪15000+五险一金+包住 入职企业:上海**软件 学历:专科 Su * monthly salary of 15000 + five insurances and one fund + enrolling enterprise: Shanghai ** software education: college
  • 月薪15000+五险一金+餐补 入职企业:上海**软件系统 学历:本科 Inexpensive * monthly salary of 15000 + five insurances and one fund + meal supplements Entry company: Shanghai ** Software system Education: Bachelor
  • 月薪14000+五险一金 入职企业:南京**网络科技 学历:专科 Zhang * yong Monthly salary 14000 + Five insurances and one fundEmployees : Nanjing ** Network Technology Education: College
  • 月薪12000+五险一金 入职企业:上海**信息科技 学历:本科 Zhang * wu Monthly salary 12000 + Five insurances and one fundEmployment : Shanghai ** Information Technology Education: Bachelor
  • 月薪12000+五险一金 入职企业:上海**通信科技 学历:专科 Yin * Quan Monthly salary 12000 + Five insurances and one fundEmployment : Shanghai ** Communication Technology Education: College
  • 月薪11000+五险一金 入职企业:上海**投资 学历:本科 Ge * wei Monthly salary: 11,000 + Five insurances and one fundEmployment : Shanghai ** Investment education: Bachelor
  • 月薪11000+五险一金 入职企业:北京**科技有限 学历:专科 Qi * Ming11,000 yuan monthly salary + five insurances and one fundEmployment : Beijing ** Technology Co., Ltd. Education: College
  • 月薪11000+五险一金 入职企业:深圳三只**科技 学历:本科 Zhang * kun monthly salary of 11,000 + five insurances and one fundEmployees : Shenzhen three ** Technology degree: Bachelor

Well-known enterprises directly recruit high-paying employment

Yunhe Data cooperates with Henan Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Commerce Bureau to regularly hold job fairs for famous IT companies in Zhongyuan to provide employment services for Yunhe Data students and social job seekers.

The Group's self-built park area is larger and more influential

Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Canada, Pan-IT College, International E-Commerce College and other eight pan-IT vocational education bases have 24,000 levels, which can support 5,000 people studying at school at the same time.
Over 50,000 high-end technical talents are delivered to enterprises. Classrooms, restaurants, and dormitories have complete supporting services; convenient transportation near buses and subways; beautiful surroundings of green grass and green grass;
One person, one machine, equipped with mechanical keyboard, vr helmet, handle, glasses, etc. according to needs, advanced facilities
  • learning environment
  • Dormitory environment
  • Park environment
  • Spacious and clean teaching area
    Technology Experience Center
    State-of-the-art digital media auditorium (can accommodate up to 500 people)
    Student co-development project
    Relaxed and strong learning atmosphere
    Classroom sharing
  • Childlike and design stairwell
    Quiet corridor
    Warm and cozy atmosphere
    Clean and beautiful environment
    Large and bright dormitory
    Large and bright dormitory
  • Park plan
    Beautiful park environment
    Park main road
    Yunhe Data Office Building 3
    Yunhe Data 8 Talent Training Base
    Ubiquitous greenery

Leaders of all levels visit

In order to uphold the national high-tech talent development strategy, Yunhe Data opened its high-end education brand Yunhe Education to provide a large number of high-end talents to the country. It has been highly valued and cared by government leaders from all walks of life, and has been repeatedly praised by government departments at all levels.
  • Guo Gengmao Deputy Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Committee of the National People's Congress (currently Standing Member of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee)
  • Lu Weituan Deputy Director of the Central Organization Department
  • Deng Kai, Deputy Chairman of the Social Construction Committee of the 13th National People's Congress, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Chairman of the Party Group of the National Federation of Trade Unions (currently Deputy Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee)
  • Ma Yan Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Party Committee of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial People's Congress (currently the Standing Committee Member of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee)
  • Ye Dongsong Secretary and Chairman of Hebei Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  • Liu Wei Vice Governor of Henan Province (then Deputy Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission)
  • Yin Jinhua was Standing Member of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission
  • David Zhang was Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial People's Congress

Honor Award

Well-known front-line IT companies such as Huawei, Baidu, and Tencent are highly recognized by partner universities and government agencies
  • Baidu Marketing University Authorized Training Center
  • Huawei Authorized Training Center
  • Tencent Cloud Level 1 Training and Certification Center
  • HKUST Flying Higher Education Business Line Partners
  • CLP & PWC Joint Technical Service Base
  • Board member of Canadian Chinese Education Association
  • Ministry of Education Industry-University-Research Collaborative Education Project Unit
  • The first batch of "enterprise on cloud" integrated cloud platform service providers in Henan Province
  • Pilot of Industrial Cloud Innovation Service in Henan Province
  • E-commerce demonstration enterprises in Henan Province
  • Provincial Employment Apprenticeship Units of Henan University Graduates
  • Zhengzhou's first batch of "enterprise on cloud" integrated cloud platform service providers
  • Zhengzhou High-skilled Talent Training Demonstration Base
  • Zhengzhou E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise
  • Zhengzhou E-commerce Talent Education Demonstration Base
  • Huang Huai Information Technology (IT) Vocational Education Group Vice Chairman Unit
  • Huang Huai Business Chain Vocational Education Group Vice Chairman Unit
  • The 46th World Skills Contest Cloud Computing Project Zhengzhou Training Base
  • Top Ten Innovation Platforms for Zhengzhou Mobile Internet
  • Mobile Internet Demonstration Enterprise
Cloud and data IT international elite training camp only needs 99 yuan 15 days to achieve better you
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