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Why Learn PHP Software Development

全国第一大社交网站 Facebook 's No. 1 Social Networking Site
全球最大的搜索引擎公司 Google 's world's largest search engine company
中国最大的新闻资讯门户 Sina China's largest news portal
全球最大的中文搜索引擎 Baidu 's world's largest Chinese search engine
全球最大的视频分享网站 YouTube 's world's largest video sharing site
全球最大浏览量的中国门户网站 Tencent 's World's Most Viewed Chinese Portal
  • 全球互联网有60%以上使用PHP技术 60 % of the global internet uses PHP technology
  • TOP500中国网站中有394家使用PHP技术 394 of the 394 TOP500 Chinese websites use PHP technology
  • 80%以上的动态网站中使用PHP开发 80 % 80% of dynamic websites are developed with PHP
  • 国内PHP人才供求比达1:14 1:14 Domestic PHP talent supply and demand ratio reaches 1:14
  • web后端语言中PHP全球市场占有率为83% 83 % of PHP's global market share in 83 % of web backend languages

PHP has a broad application field and good prospects

The program community determines whether a language has a market and whether it has a future. Look at these six aspects.
  • 效率高性能好 01High efficiency and high performance

    PHP consumes relatively little system resources. All CGI functions PHP can achieve.

  • PHP安全性好 02 PHP security is good

    Stable architecture, security and stability. Taobao, Yahoo, 163, Sina and other large portals use PHP for many large applications.

  • 技术持续发展 03 Technology Continuous Development

    Open source, virtually all PHP source code is available.

  • 跨平台性强 04Strong cross-platform

    Since PHP is a server-side script, it can run perfectly on multiple platforms such as UNIX and LINUX.

  • 开发效率高 05High development efficiency

    Quickness, fast program development, fast operation, fast technology learning, simple editing, strong practicability, more suitable for beginners

  • 应用领域广 06 Wide application fields

    Website development, applet development, web game development, mobile micro-site development, and software tool trading system can do it.

PHP industry is in short supply and salaries are guaranteed

PHP岗位人才缺口较大企业需求却持续增加 / Large talent gap / PHP jobs have a large talent gap, but demand continues to increase
互联网时代PHP程序员愈加抢手薪资年年上涨 / Employment prospects are good / PHP programmers in the Internet era are increasingly sought after salary increases

Seize the opportunity to completely change your life

  • 不懂技术没有关系,网站建设课程没有门槛,0基础人员也可以学习,只要细心、耐心,认真学习都可以找到一份满意的工作。 It does n’t matter if technology does n’t understand technology. There is no threshold for website building courses. Basic personnel can also learn. As long as they are careful, patient and study hard, they can find a satisfactory job.
  • 在校的专科本科大学生,毕业生,对IT行业的前景有信心,对网站建设有兴趣想要从事技术岗位。 Undergraduates and graduates of colleges and universities are confident in the prospects of the IT industry and interested in website construction and want to engage in technical positions.
  • 不甘心只做低级工作但是苦于没有编程开发基础? On-the-job promotion is not willing to do low-level work but suffer from no programming development foundation? After updating and iterating your skills, you can be qualified as a web engineer.
  • 不要被你现在的工资限制了想象力,转入网站制作行业,完全可以拿着IT行业的薪水,过着小资的生活。 If you want to change your career, don't limit your imagination with your current salary. If you transfer to the website production industry, you can take the salary of the IT industry and live a petty life.

Online evaluation

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Cloud and PHP course advantages

  • 涵盖PHP及其周边主要技术,适应web网站建设,App服务器端开发Web-Service等PHP全部领域。 PHP full stack development covers all major areas of PHP, including PHP and its surrounding technologies, adapting to web site construction, and app server-side development of Web-Service.
  • 源自于长期市场调研和企业需求,汇总出实用的PHP开发课程,帮助学员快速融入企业开发环境中。 The new technology framework is derived from long-term market research and corporate needs, and summarizes practical PHP development courses to help students quickly integrate into the enterprise development environment.
  • 根据学员的学习进度及学习能力实时调整课程内容和课程进度不让一位学员掉队! Short learning cycle and high efficiency Adjust the course content and course progress in real time according to the learning progress and learning ability of the student so that one student is not left behind!
  • 全真项目实训室,采用企业真实项目,边学边练,紧贴前沿实用技术和企业实际需求。 Enterprise operation-level project practice full real project training room, using real enterprise projects, learning while practicing, keeping abreast of cutting-edge practical technology and the actual needs of enterprises.
  • 紧跟市场前沿,时时关注市场上出现的新技术,线上课程内容实时更新,使课程不落伍! The dual version of PHP teaching keeps up with the forefront of the market, and always pays attention to new technologies emerging in the market. The online course content is updated in real time to keep the course out of date!
  • 云和卓越工程师计划,毕业后可获得技能证书+211大学本科学历证书。 Double Certificate of Skills + Educational Cloud and Engineer Excellence Program. After graduation, you can obtain a Skills Certificate + 211 college degree certificate.

Employment advantage

Employment protection: one-stop employment service for first-tier cities with employment salaries less than 8,000, full refund
  • 全国8大就业基地 建设郑州、西安、深圳、北京、广州、上海、杭州、加拿大8大就业基地。 Construction of 8 employment bases in 8 nationwide Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Canada. Try it now
  • 云和累计培养2600+名PHP工程师 成立6年来深耕IT教育领域经验沉淀行业标杆,有一种效果叫口碑相传。 The cloud of 2,600 people and the training of 2,600+ PHP engineers have been established in the past 6 years. The experience of IT education has precipitated industry benchmarks. One effect is word of mouth. Try it now
  • 学员平均就业周期14天 云和数据拥有一整套专职的就业服务团队以及专业的就业保障体系定期召开名企双选会。 The average employment cycle of 14- day students is 14 days. Yunhe Data has a set of full-time employment service teams and a professional employment security system. It regularly holds dual-election meetings for famous enterprises. Try it now
  • 学员平均就业薪资8200元 0元入学,入学签订就业协议,一线城市就业薪资低于8000全额退学费 立即试听体验 The average employment salary of 8200 yuan is 8200 yuan. 0 yuan is enrolled. The employment agreement is signed. The employment salary in the first-tier cities is less than 8,000.
  • 一线城市毕业学员薪资高达14K 北上广深一线城市PHP岗位供不应求,云和数据培养的技术过硬学员更加抢手。 The salaries of graduates in 14k first-tier cities are as high as 14K. PHP posts in first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are in short supply, and students with strong skills in cloud and data training are more in demand. Try it now

Yunhe graduate student salary display

  • Name
  • post
  • city
  • Salary
  • unit
  • PHP开发 上海 12000 醛****科技有限公司 ** PHP Development Shanghai 12000 Aldehyde Technology Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发 上海 10000+五险一金 上海鹰*****有限公司 Wu ** PHP Development Shanghai 10000+ Five Insurance One Gold Shanghai Eagle ***** Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发 上海 10000+五险一金 上海复***科技 Zhang ** PHP Development Shanghai 10000+ Five Insurance One Gold Shanghai Fu *** Technology
  • PHP开发 上海 9500 苏州微*****有限公司 Pang ** PHP Development Shanghai 9500 Suzhou Micro ***** Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发 上海 9000 治******信息服务有限公司 Wang * PHP Development Shanghai 9000 governance ****** Information Service Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发工程师 上海 9000 上海百*****有限公司 Li ** PHP Development Engineer Shanghai 9000 Shanghai 100 ***** Co., Ltd.
  • PHP工程师 上海 9000 上海优*****有限公司 Jiao ** PHP Engineer Shanghai 9000 Shanghai You ***** Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发工程师 上海 9000+五险一金 上海涌*****有限公司 Xu ** PHP development engineer Shanghai 9000+ Five insurances and one gold Shanghai Chung ***** Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发 上海 9000+五险一金(管住宿) 上海尚*****有限公司 Zhao * PHP Development Shanghai 9000+ Five Insurances and One Fund (Managed Accommodation) Shanghai Shang ***** Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发工程师 上海 8900 上海数***有限公司 Geng ** PHP Development Engineer Shanghai 8900 Shanghai Digital Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发 上海 8500 上海加****科技有限公司 Yang ** PHP Development Shanghai 8500 Shanghai Plus **** Technology Co., Ltd.
  • PHP开发工程师 上海 8500+五险一金 上海晋***科技有限公司 Wang ** PHP Development Engineer Shanghai 8500+ Five Insurance One Gold Shanghai Jin *** Technology Co., Ltd.

Five-year nurturing plan

At present, there is a shortage of junior and intermediate programmers in the market, and advanced programmers are even more popular. In order to meet the needs of enterprises and cultivate higher-quality talents for the connected industry, a five-year cultivation plan for cloud and PHP is now formulated, and each student is committed to reach the level of senior programmers from zero to five years.

  • 1-2 years junior programmer
    6K ~ 18K / month
  • 3-5 years intermediate programmer
    8-20k / month
  • 5-8 years senior programmer
    20-35k / month
  • 8-10 years architect
    35-80k / month

First-line technology big coffee speaker

A team of professional R & D lecturers led by the industry. Cloud and all PHP lecturers have more than five years of corporate development experience. Always maintain technological innovation and forward-looking.
  • Richard Liu
    国际精英讲师 CTO International Elite Lecturer

    He holds a master's degree in computer science and a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Odom, USA, and is currently the chief technology officer of North Shore Tech Solutions. He has 17 years of experience in IT technology and project management. Former senior software development engineer at AbtElectronics, Inc., CTO of NorthShoreTechSolutions, senior network development engineer at SparkHire, Inc., senior PHP programmer at QuikOrder®, and software engineer at TheVirginian-PilotPHP.

  • Teacher Tie
    PHP金牌讲师 Technical Director PHP Gold Lecturer

    Eight years of project development experience, proficient in Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc. Developed an online food ordering system, office OA system, produced a book management system, and an online message system at the employed company. Formerly worked at Wycombe Group as a technical manager, and once served as the technical director of Zhizhong Software. Currently, he is committed to researching artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Intelligent facial recognition systems have been invested in the internal system of the Korean Joe Group Using. In teaching, I mainly undertake curriculum research and development, connect with enterprises in actual combat projects, and are good at combining practice and theory. I like to share and contribute. The lectures are easy to understand, good at guiding students 'thinking, and training students' practical ability.

  • Teacher Gao
    PHP金牌讲师 Technical big coffee PHP gold lecturer

    Many years of IT industry software development experience, good at Pythonweb, WeChat public account, applet, crawler development, also has deep knowledge in the field of operation and maintenance and secondary development. Proficient in python, mysql, js, css, html, Django, flask, scrapy, TensorFlow and other technologies. Participated projects include e-commerce, news, portals, corporate OA, instant messaging, etc. The lecture style is meticulous and deep, easy to understand, rigorous without losing humor, being patient and responsible to students, and willing to share development skills in teaching.

  • Jia
    PHP金牌讲师 Technical big coffee PHP gold lecturer

    Senior web development engineer with many years of PHP and Python software project design and development experience. He was responsible for multiple large BS structured software products. He has presided over and participated in the development of corporate CMS, multiple distribution system management systems, dual-regulated built-in mall settlement systems, Dagong's dividend management system, OA office systems, information search websites, and mall systems. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ajax asynchronous operation, PHP, Python programming, web crawler and data analysis, Linux and other technologies. Familiar with secondary development of open source products, WeChat development, applet development, MySQL optimization, web mobile terminal, etc. The lectures are meticulous and comprehensive, good at summarizing and refining knowledge, rigorous thinking, trusted by students, super-responsible lecturers recognized by teachers and students, and 7 * 16 hours of technical escort guidance for students.

  • Teacher Zhang
    PHP金牌讲师 Technical big coffee PHP gold lecturer

    9 years of R & D teaching experience, good at Python, PHP full stack development, WeChat public account development, WeChat applet development, WEB performance optimization, MYSQL database optimization, Linux server, proficient in html, css, Javascript, jquery library, Ajax technology, focus Applied research on artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, algorithms and other related aspects. The lecture style is humorous and humorous, without losing rigor, the lecture ideas are clear, and the content structure is obvious. Pay attention to the content of "knowing what it is, knowing why it is," and follow the principle of "giving people fish, it is better to teach people fish". More attention is paid to the guidance and explanation of troubleshooting ideas, and the entire course content can be closely combined with reality to achieve what is learned. Purpose: Treat each class seriously, responsibly, and be conscientious in the industry.

National 10000+ Enterprise Alliance

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