Cloud and Education: High-end IT Vocational Education Brand of Cloud and Data Group
  • Huawei Authorized Training Center
  • Tencent Cloud Level 1 Certification Training Center
  • Baidu Marketing University Henan-Shenzhen-Shenzhen Authorized Operation Center
  • Oracle Oracle OAEP Center
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Cloud Partner
  • Unity Strategic Partner
  • PwC Basic Software Strategic Partner
  • Dancheng Cape Investment, a subsidiary of New Cape (stock code 300248)
  • Ruiqi Capital Investment, a subsidiary of China's top 100 Internet companies, Ruiqi

Top 5 Python

As a programming language, Python has far more charm and influence than its predecessors, such as C # and C ++. From the cloud, the client, to the IoT terminal, to the current artificial intelligence, Python applications are everywhere.
  • Low learning threshold
  • Mainstream language
  • Powerful
  • First language
  • The trend
  • Python-a very low-level programming language

    The grammar is concise and the learning threshold is low. It is known as the easiest programming language on the planet. To complete the same task, C language needs to write 1000 lines of code, Java only needs to write 100 lines, and Python only needs 20 lines.

  • Python-one of the three major programming languages

    Python is an object-oriented interpreted computer programming language with rich and powerful libraries. Python has become the third largest language after Java and C ++. Features: easy to learn, free and open source, high-level language, highly portable, object-oriented, extensible, embeddable, rich library, standardized code, etc.

  • Python-omnipotent Python

    Python has powerful packaging capabilities. It is open source, portable, extensible, and embeddable. It can package various modules made in other languages in Python modules, and only exposes the interface. It is called a glue language.

  • Python-the first language for AI programming

  • Python-used by well-known companies

Python The age of artificial intelligence

"Artificial Intelligence" was officially written in the 2017 government work report. The country announced that it would immediately snatch the global commanding heights of artificial intelligence. A new era has come! With its high development efficiency, rich class libraries, and high performance, Python is known as the most intelligent language, and it has increased in various fields such as driverless, finance, e-commerce, medical care, and education. Artificial intelligence is expected to create a $ 7 trillion market in 2030
  • Smart home is an ecosystem that realizes intelligence by connecting data in the home with data analysis and artificial intelligence. With intelligent light control, security monitoring and other functions.

  • Self-driving cars, also known as driverless cars, rely on artificial intelligence, radar, and other systems to work together to allow computers to control intelligent vehicles automatically without driver operation.

  • In addition to smart chat, Microsoft Xiaobing is an artificial intelligence robot that also has practical functions such as reminders, constellations, traffic guides, and restaurant reviews.

  • AlphaGo is a Go program written by big data analysis + artificial intelligence. It ranked first in the world Go rankings in July 2016.

  • The bionic eye is also called the bionic electronic eye. It is a technology product produced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to help the visually impaired to improve their vision. Through real-time data analysis, it is artificially intelligent.

  • Libratus is an artificial intelligence system developed by Carnegie Mellon University. In the "Human Brain VS Artificial Intelligence" competition, play against 120,000 hands of professional players with a prize of $ 200,000.

Substantial employment opportunities

  • Artificial intelligence engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Engineer
  • Data Analysis Engineer
  • Reptile development engineer

country Talent waiting for you

Annual ranking of Python in the world programming leaderboard
Beijing Python development engineer average salary
Average salary in 2505 samples in the past year, credibility: high
  • 16票(52%) 16 votes lower (52%)
  • 4票(13%) Reliable 4 votes (13%)
  • 11票(35%) 11 votes higher (35%)

Beijing Python development engineer average salary: ¥ 20090 / month. Taken from 2505 samples, an increase of 43.2% over 2018

Python ranked No. 1 in the world's programming language rankings in 2018 There has been a shortage of talent, and salaries have risen.

Six advantages of cloud and data to help you get paid

  • 四大分中心,24000平八大泛IT职业教育基地,每年毕业学员超过5000人 The regional scale is larger. There are four branch centers, 24,000 square meters, eight pan-IT vocational education bases, and more than 5,000 graduates each year.
  • 整合百度、华为、腾讯、微软等国际一线企业原厂资源,课程更新频率快 The first-line original factory resources integrate the original factory resources of Baidu, Huawei, Tencent, Microsoft and other international first-tier companies, and the course is updated frequently
  • 六位一体教学模式2.0时代,“X+12”教学资源辅助,升职加薪无忧 Better learning six-in-one teaching model 2.0 era, "X + 12" teaching resources assisted, no worry about promotion and salary increase
  • 全国八大就业基地,完整的职业素质培养体系,专职专业的就业团队,名企直招助力高薪就业 Better employment Eight national employment bases, complete professional quality training system, full-time professional employment team, well-known enterprises directly recruit high-paying employment
  • 拥有全职讲师50余名,引入美国思科、苹果、Facebook等一线技术专家,了解最前沿的IT技术 The first-line international famous teachers have more than 50 full-time lecturers. They have introduced first-line technical experts from Cisco, Apple, Facebook, etc. to understand the most advanced IT technology
  • 云和卓越工程师计划,毕业后可获得技能证书+211大学本科学历证书 Skill + Education Double Certificate Cloud and Engineer Excellence Program, you can get Skill Certificate + 211 University Degree Certificate after graduation

Cloud and data are different

  • IT教育领域经验沉淀行业标杆 6 years of IT education experience sets industry benchmark
  • 自主编撰教材 More than 40 independently compiled textbooks
  • 毕业学员检验教学 50000+ graduate students inspection teaching
  • 学员来自老学员推荐 60 % of students are recommended by old students
  • 学员平均就业率 98 % student average employment rate

First-line original resources

Integrate original factory resources of Baidu, Huawei, Tencent and Microsoft
  • Tencent Cloud Level 1 Certification Training Center
    May 2018
  • Authorized by Huawei
    December 2017
  • CLP & Huahua Cooperation signing contract
    January 2015
  • Signed a contract with Baidu Marketing University
    June 2014
  • Signing a contract with Unity
    April 2014
  • Signing a contract with Microsoft
    March 2014
  • Contract with Oracle
    October 2013

Front line Technical big coffee speaker

  • 首席技术官国际精英讲师 Richard Liu Chief Technology Officer International Elite Lecturer

    He holds a master's degree in computer science and a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Odom, USA, and is currently the chief technology officer of North Shore Tech Solutions. He has 17 years of experience in IT technology and project management. Former senior software development engineer at AbtElectronics, Inc., CTO of NorthShoreTechSolutions, senior network development engineer at SparkHire, Inc., senior PHP programmer at QuikOrder®, and software engineer at TheVirginian-PilotPHP.

  • 技术总监 Technical Director Tie
    Python Gold Instructor

    Eight years of project development experience, proficient in Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc. Developed an online food ordering system, office OA system, produced a book management system, and an online message system at the employed company. Formerly worked at Wycombe Group as a technical manager, and once served as the technical director of Zhizhong Software. Currently, he is committed to researching artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Intelligent facial recognition systems have been invested in the internal system of the Korean Joe Group Using. In teaching, I mainly undertake curriculum research and development, connect with enterprises in actual combat projects, and are good at combining practice and theory. I like to share and contribute. The lectures are easy to understand, good at guiding students 'thinking, and training students' practical ability.

  • Python金牌讲师 Teacher Gao Python Gold Lecturer

    Many years of IT industry software development experience, good at Python web, WeChat public account, applet, crawler development, also has deep knowledge in the field of operation and maintenance and secondary development. He is proficient in python, mysql, js, css, html, Django, flask, scrapy, TensorFlow and other technologies. The projects he has participated in include e-commerce, news, portals, corporate OA, instant messaging, etc. The lecture style is meticulous and deep, easy to understand, rigorous without losing humor, being patient and responsible to students, and willing to share development skills in teaching.

  • Python金牌讲师 Feng Teacher Python Gold Lecturer

    Proficient in Python, JS, Jquery, HTML + CSS, etc., seven years of research and development experience, worked independently at the incumbent company to develop a college student contract system, an agricultural Internet of Things platform (real-time monitoring of greenhouse temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, online video production), leftover egg farm E-commerce platforms (web and WeChat, 100,000 real users), aviation management system, Cherry Valley Management Committee online map and other platforms. Good at combining practice with theory, like sharing, and willing to give. The lectures are easy to understand, good at guiding students 'thinking, and training students' practical ability.

  • Python金牌讲师 Jia Jia Python Gold Instructor

    Senior web development engineer, has many years of PHP and Python software project design and development experience, and was responsible for multiple large BS structured software products. He has presided over and participated in the development of corporate CMS, multiple distribution system management systems, dual-regulated built-in mall settlement systems, Dagong's dividend management system, OA office systems, information search websites, and mall systems. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ajax asynchronous operation, PHP, Python programming, web crawler and data analysis, Linux and other technologies. Familiar with secondary development of open source products, WeChat development, applet development, MySQL optimization, web mobile terminal, etc. The lectures are meticulous and comprehensive, good at summarizing and refining knowledge, rigorous thinking, and trusted by students. A super-responsible lecturer recognized by teachers and students, 7 * 16 hours of technical escort guidance for students.

Artificial Intelligence Python Course come out

Take the lead in the long-term exploration and research based on industry development trends and enterprise needs. Cloud and data teaching departments dock with mainstream companies to jointly customize full-stack Python + artificial intelligence courses.
  • The first stage
  • second stage
  • The third stage
  • Fourth stage
  • Fifth stage
  • The first stage: Python development basics

    Core competencies

    Master Python Basic SyntaxMaster Python Basic Data TypesHow to Use Python Syntax for File Processing
    The meaning of Python functions and modulesFamiliar with some commonly used Python modules

    Course Project in Action

    Simple CRM system

    Core competencies

    Python programmer
    Python engineer
    Python Development Engineer
    Intermediate Python programmer

    Basic syntax:

    Introduction to programming languages and Python installation
    Introduction to Python, variables, input and output comments, data type operators, formatted output flow control data type advanced-hexadecimal conversion, character encoding, floating-point calculation data type advanced-string manipulation, list type data type advanced- Tuple, dictionary, collection

    Functional programming:

    Python file processing
    Python function basics
    Advanced Python Functions
    Python module basics and common modules-time, datetime, random
    Common modules-os, sys, shutil
    Common module-serialization module, configuration analysis moduleCommon module-encryption, subprocess module, logging moduleCommon module-regular expression

    Project Practice:

    Comprehensive case

  • Phase 2: Advanced Python Development

    Core competencies

    Deeply understand the idea of object-oriented programming, know the difference and connection between process-oriented programming and object-oriented programming, use the learned Python knowledge to make some basic interesting mini games and even some game plug-ins, prepare for web application development, understand the network The principle of transmission, how to use Python syntax to handle network transmission, MySQL library, table, field and record operation, proficient sql statement to make basic additions, deletions, changes, check, master Python basic data types, how to use Python syntax for file processing
    The meaning of Python functions and modulesFamiliar with some commonly used Python modules

    Course Project in Action

    Pinball games
    web application-chat room

    Core competencies

    Python programmer
    Python engineer
    Python Development Engineer
    Intermediate Python programmer


    Introduction to Object Orientation, Application of Classes and Objects
    Use of property, bound and unbound methods, introduction of reflection metaclass and exception handling

    Project Practice:

    Mini Games-Pinball Games-Airplane War

    network programming:

    Computer foundation, network foundation, osi seven-layer model
    Introduction to socket and communication principle
    SSH remote control, principle of sticky packet and realization of file transfer, communication protocol
    Principles and communication of the ftp protocol to achieve operating system introduction and principle program, process and thread chat example

    MySQL basics:

    Introduction and installation of MySQL
    Introduction to SQL statements, database operations, storage engines, table operations, and data types

  • The third stage: web application development

    Core competencies

    Client and server development of web application development. Client and server frameworks are proficient. Self-learning functions for similar frameworks can be quickly used. Familiar with the real web development process, division of labor, later project launch and operation maintenance . And make a technical summary of the previous stage of learning, check for gaps

    Course Project in Action

    Xiaomi Mall Page
    web mall / BBS /
    CRM system

    Core competencies

    H5 front-end development engineer
    web development engineer
    web backend development engineer
    Python server-side development engineer

    web front end:

    Introduction to HTML
    Explanation of HTML tags
    Explanation of basic CSS syntax
    DIV + CSS layout
    HTML5 + CSS3
    js basic syntax
    js data type
    Js function
    Js arrays and objects
    BOM object and DOM object event processing and node operation Xiaomi Mall page instance

    web framework:

    Django framework explained

    VUE front-end framework:

    VUE framework explained

    Development Practice:

    Project development practice

  • The fourth stage: web performance optimization

    Core competencies

    Understand web solutions with high concurrency and big data, get started with cluster building and automated operation and maintenance, familiar with the development of WeChat public account and WeChat mini programs, and proficient in APP development

    Course Project in Action

    WeChat public account example WeChat mini program example

    Core competencies

    H5 front-end development engineer
    web development engineer
    web backend development engineer
    Python server-side development engineer

    Algorithms and design patterns:

    Common Algorithms-Binary Search, Bubble Sort, Select Sort, Insert Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Merge Sort, Hill Sort, Find Sort Data Structure-Stack, List, Queue Linked List, Tree, Binary Tree Design Pattern-Singleton Pattern , Factory mode

    Python operation and maintenance:

    Linux introduction and installation
    Linux common commands
    Linux system management and software installation server deployment, nginx introduction, concurrency and cluster construction
    MySQL optimization
    Redis database use
    mongoDB database use

    Mobile development:

    flask framework
    API interface development and call
    API interface development and calling practice WeChat public account development WeChat public account development practice Flexible box, WeChat applet development

  • The fifth stage: Python advanced programming

    Core competencies

    Getting started with crawlers, getting started with data analysis, getting started with artificial intelligence

    Course Project in Action

    Face recognition in news feed system

    Core competencies

    Python crawler engineer
    Python data analysis engineer artificial intelligence algorithm engineer
    Python artificial intelligence development

    Python crawler:

    jupyter notebook installation and use
    urllib module, request module
    xpath, selenium
    Netease news crawling practice

    Python data analysis:

    Basic library-numpy, core package pandas
    Data collection and cleaning

    Python artificial intelligence:

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning Linear Regression, Logistic Regression Algorithm, Decision Tree Random Forest Algorithm, Bayesian Algorithm, Multiple Clustering Algorithms Deep Learning-Neural Network
    TensorFlow, Baidu artificial intelligence component

Python students gain peak

  • 2018年毕业学员 5,262 students graduated in 2018
  • 就业学员 5,157 employed students
  • 最高月薪 17000 + maximum monthly salary
  • 平均就业薪资 8500 + average employment salary
  • 月薪17000+五险一金 入职企业:浙江**技术 学历:专科 Sun * Ping monthly salary of 17000 + five insurances and one fundEmployees : Zhejiang ** Technical education: College
  • 月薪15000+五险一金+包住 入职企业:上海**软件 学历:专科 Su * monthly salary of 15000 + five insurances and one fund + enrolling enterprise: Shanghai ** software education: college
  • 月薪15000+五险一金+餐补 入职企业:上海**软件系统 学历:本科 Inexpensive * monthly salary of 15000 + five insurances and one fund + meal supplements Entry company: Shanghai ** Software system Education: Bachelor
  • 月薪14000+五险一金 入职企业:南京**网络科技 学历:专科 Zhang * yong Monthly salary 14000 + Five insurances and one fundEmployees : Nanjing ** Network Technology Education: College
  • 月薪12000+五险一金 入职企业:上海**信息科技 学历:本科 Zhang * wu Monthly salary 12000 + Five insurances and one fundEmployment : Shanghai ** Information Technology Education: Bachelor
  • 月薪12000+五险一金 入职企业:上海**通信科技 学历:专科 Yin * Quan Monthly salary 12000 + Five insurances and one fundEmployment : Shanghai ** Communication Technology Education: College
  • 月薪11000+五险一金 入职企业:上海**投资 学历:本科 Ge * wei Monthly salary: 11,000 + Five insurances and one fundEmployment : Shanghai ** Investment education: Bachelor
  • 月薪11000+五险一金 入职企业:北京**科技有限 学历:专科 Qi * Ming11,000 yuan monthly salary + five insurances and one fundEmployment : Beijing ** Technology Co., Ltd. Education: College
  • 月薪11000+五险一金 入职企业:深圳三只**科技 学历:本科 Zhang * kun monthly salary of 11,000 + five insurances and one fundEmployees : Shenzhen three ** Technology degree: Bachelor

Direct recruitment of high-paying employment

Yunhe Data cooperates with Henan Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Commerce Bureau to regularly hold job fairs for famous IT companies in Zhongyuan to provide employment services for Yunhe Data students and social job seekers.


Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Canada, Pan-IT College, International E-Commerce College and other eight pan-IT vocational education bases have 24,000 levels, which can support 5,000 people studying at school at the same time.
Over 50,000 high-end technical talents are delivered to enterprises. Classrooms, restaurants, and dormitories have complete supporting services; convenient transportation near buses and subways; beautiful surroundings of green grass and green grass;
One person, one machine, equipped with mechanical keyboard, vr helmet, handle, glasses, etc. according to needs, advanced facilities
  • learning environment
  • Dormitory environment
  • Park environment
  • Spacious and clean teaching area
    Technology Experience Center
    State-of-the-art digital media auditorium (can accommodate up to 500 people)
    Student co-development project
    Relaxed and strong learning atmosphere
    Classroom sharing
  • Childlike and design stairwell
    Quiet corridor
    Warm and cozy atmosphere
    Clean and beautiful environment
    Large and bright dormitory
    Large and bright dormitory
  • Park plan
    Beautiful park environment
    Park main road
    Yunhe Data Office Building 3
    Yunhe Data 8 Talent Training Base
    Ubiquitous greenery

More than 10,000+ business alliances

Leaders of all levels visit

In order to uphold the national high-tech talent development strategy, Yunhe Data opened its high-end education brand Yunhe Education to provide a large number of high-end talents to the country. It has been highly valued and cared by government leaders from all walks of life, and has been repeatedly praised by government departments at all levels.
  • Guo Gengmao Deputy Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Committee of the National People's Congress (currently Standing Member of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee)
  • Lu Weituan Deputy Director of the Central Organization Department
  • Deng Kai, Deputy Chairman of the Social Construction Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Chairman of the Party Group of the National Federation of Trade Unions
  • Ma Yi, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Party Committee of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial People's Congress
  • Ye Dongsong Secretary and Chairman of Hebei Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  • Liu Wei Vice Governor of Henan Province (then Deputy Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission)
  • Yin Jinhua was Standing Member of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission
  • David Zhang was Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial People's Congress


Well-known front-line IT companies such as Huawei, Baidu, and Tencent are highly recognized by partner universities and government agencies
  • Baidu Marketing University Authorized Training Center
  • Huawei Authorized Training Center
  • Tencent Cloud Level 1 Training and Certification Center
  • HKUST Flying Higher Education Business Line Partners
  • CLP & PWC Joint Technical Service Base
  • Board member of Canadian Chinese Education Association
  • Ministry of Education Industry-University-Research Collaborative Education Project Unit
  • The first batch of "enterprise on cloud" integrated cloud platform service providers in Henan Province
  • Pilot of Industrial Cloud Innovation Service in Henan Province
  • E-commerce demonstration enterprises in Henan Province
  • Provincial Employment Apprenticeship Units of Henan University Graduates
  • Zhengzhou's first batch of "enterprise on cloud" integrated cloud platform service providers
  • Zhengzhou High-skilled Talent Training Demonstration Base
  • Zhengzhou E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise
  • Zhengzhou E-commerce Talent Education Demonstration Base
  • Huang Huai Information Technology (IT) Vocational Education Group Vice Chairman Unit
  • Huang Huai Business Chain Vocational Education Group Vice Chairman Unit
  • The 46th World Skills Contest Cloud Computing Project Zhengzhou Training Base
  • Top Ten Innovation Platforms for Zhengzhou Mobile Internet
  • Mobile Internet Demonstration Enterprise
Cloud and data IT international elite training camp only needs 99 yuan 15 days to achieve better you
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